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Welcome to Ek Noor Neki
da Hospital: Your Sanctuary
of Health and Hope

At Nekida Hospital, we extend a warm embrace to you, where healthcare transcends mere treatment, and every step is a journey toward well-being. As a beacon of health and hope, Nekida Hospital is committed to providing compassionate care, cutting-edge medical services, and a healing environment that fosters recovery and resilience.

Dr. Munish Garag

Orthopedic Specialist

Dr. Kuldeep Singh

Laparoscopic & General Surgen

Dr. Shalu Jain

Medicine Specialist

Dr. Sahil Abrol

ENT Specialist

Meet Our Team

Group of Certified & Experienced Doctors.

Welcome to Ek Noor Neki Da Hospital, where compassion meets expertise in healthcare. Our team of dedicated doctors stands as pillars of excellence, committed to providing top-tier medical care to our community.

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